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About Project Suitcase

In 2003, Teater Ekamatra created a project with a poor theatre format involving one actor and one suitcase in a performance space. The idea was to show how a play could be effective with minimal setup, allowing actors to captivate the audience simply through storytelling, marrying words with motion. This year's installation of PROJEK SUITCASE will see 16 established artists from the industry presenting eight, 20-minute plays, based on the theme, Metamorphosis. Equipped with only their suitcases, the storytellers will spin their tales on the grounds of Aliwal Arts Centre and dare us to follow them on their journeys, excavating forgotten pasts and alternative histories.

All 8 plays will be showing every night, 2 plays at a time, from 30 November - 4 December. This means, on any given night, an audience member will be able to catch a maximum of 4 plays. Thus, we also have a 2-day pass for audience members who would like to catch all 8 monologues!

Projek Suitcase will be presented in Malay.Booklets with English subtitles will be provided.

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