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The teams

E Lee Loong and Rizman Putra

In By The Book, film-maker Eric Lee collaborates with star performer Rizman Putra fresh off his turn as Badang (NDP’16). In this devised piece, an actor hijacks a director’s vision and they butt heads on the ‘correct’ interpretation of a performance.

Izzat Yusoff and Hirzi Zulkifli

Meanwhile in Jumping The Q, millennial media personality Hirzi Zulkiflie collaborates with Malay theatre stalwart Izzat Yusoff on a thoughtful piece on suicide that asks - if death is merely a spot on the timeline, could it be a celebration?

Ebi Shankara and Al-Matin Yatim

In the first intercultural pairing, Ebi Shankara, acclaimed Tamil theatre activist and TV personality, directs rising star Al-Matin Yatim on a piece that asks the age-old question - to what extent must one compromise one’s ‘color’ in order to fit in?

Elvira Holmberg and Ema Salleh

Meanwhile, leading theatre educator and director Elvira Holmberg revives her twenty-year artistic musing with regional theatre actress Ema Saleh in a new work investigating the act of running away.

Bani Haykal and Ruby Jayaseelan

Lo! The most unique collaboration of the festival. Be prepared to be sensually overwhelmed as Singapore’s very own Leonard Cohen, poet-composer Bani Haykal, collaborates with Bharathanatyam dancer Ruby Jayaseelan to reinvent interdisciplinary performance.

The Art of Strangers and Shida Mahadi

And in the much-awaited new work by independent collective The Art of Strangers, theatre actress Shida Mahadi investigates globalization and human co-habitance.

Baba Rich and Erwin Shah

Since intercultural theatre is the new buzzword, Peranakan theatre stalwart and director Baba Richard Tan collaborates with acclaimed theatre actor Erwin Shah Ismail in the new work Kulit.

Keatar H M and Rafaat Haji Hamzah

Finally, in 370 well-known Malay TV and theatre personalities Keatar H M and Rafaat Haji Hamzah collaborate on a thought-provoking and emotionally poignant new work.